Our Clients Have Some Great Things to Say

We have found that the exceptional quality of our work building homes of distinction speaks for itself. Furthermore, we believe that if you work hard and provide a quality product at a great price, word of mouth will do enough. Our clients give the most powerful testimonies, and that is the highest reward, happy customers! See what our clients have to say about us…

Dear Richard

When we built our small home in Palmetto Bluff in 2004, we had two sons, one married and one single and both in other cities. There were no grandchildren. It served as a weekend getaway from Atlanta. 

Fast forward several years and both sons moved back to Atlanta with their wives and there were now SIX grandchildren! We loved the house, but it no longer worked for our family. Enter, Richard Best. You listened to our needs and brilliantly reimagined the space. A small storage closet became a bunk room and a very narrow space now houses two additional bunk beds. Sleeping for six grandchildren accomplished! A mud room became a pantry with shelves and outlets to accommodate the appliances using up our counter space. Now we can cook in the kitchen and have a well stocked pantry. The space under the steps became a storage closet for various things we wanted out of the way. In every room, ingenious ideas led to efficiency. 

We LOVE our little house that now sleeps TWELVE comfortably. The experience working with the professionals on your staff was extraordinary, with a special shout out to William. I would recommend Richard Best Custom Homes.

Richard Best Custom Homes,

We fell in love with Palmetto Bluff during our first visit, and immediately knew this was the place where we wanted to build our dream home. Within the week, we had our lot - our mission on our second visit was to choose a builder. We bicycled through the neighborhoods, examining various builder projects under construction. Without question, Richard Best was our first choice. We did our homework, contacting many of the client and vendor references Richard provided, and even some not on his list. All spoke glowingly of Richard and his team, reinforcing our decision. 

When we returned to Palmetto Bluff to begin the building procedure, Richard spent an entire day with us, visiting some of his completed homes, and explaining his building process. He was also present with us the next day as we met with our architect, William Court of Court Atkins, and we were impressed with their easy relationship. 

Once architectural drawings were complete, Richard provided us with a construction schedule - since we were more than seven hundred miles away, it was important to us to know roughly when we would need to be on site. When not in Palmetto Bluff, we were in constant communication with Richard's team through phone conversations and emails, and Richard was always available for guidance - he saved us from making several Northern-style decisions (mistakes!) for our Southern home. Doug, Erin, Blake, and Wayne, you were always focused on our concerns - we felt as if we were your most important clients. 

We had such great experiences working with the RBCH vendors - we cannot imagine making the myriad of necessary decisions without them. We are not yet full-time residents, but each time we visit, we discover new features of our home to love. When we asked for a particular design element to be included during construction, Richard and his vendors found a way to fulfill our wishes -with an eye to our budget. Now that construction is complete, Brandi and Butch continue to address our concerns as we, and the house, settle in. 

Richard Best Custom Homes team members are steeped in Richard's values - his honesty, integrity, and ability to make his clients part of the RBCH family. We give Richard Best Custom Homes our highest recommendation, and we would be happy to share our building experience with prospective clients. 

Janet and Jerry Bender Palmetto Bluff 

As we wind down the construction phase of our home and begin to enjoy it, Lynne and I wanted to take time to write you a note to let you know how pleased we are with the custom home Richard Best Custom Homes built for us.  I know during construction I often told you this verbally, but the day you reached out to us asking us to consider RBCH as our builder at Palmetto Bluff was a great day!  I remember in our initial meeting over breakfast at Buffalo’s, you seemed genuinely interested in helping us create our dream home at Palmetto Bluff, and I can emphatically say that you maintained that level of interest throughout the entire construction process.  From the vendors you introduced us to, to the detailed allowances you provided in the original budget, every step seemed to be lock step in line with what we wanted.  Where we had definite ideas of how we wanted things, you quietly made it happen.  When there were times we literally had no clue what we wanted, you were there to offer ideas and advice; never too much, never too little.  You and your team made the building process a pleasure and very much exceeded our expectations!

Please pass along our thanks to the entire RBCH team, especially Wayne and John.  We love our new home and we look forward to recommending you to all of our friends who may want a house at Palmetto Bluff.

I never thought that I would build a nice home in South Carolina and never thought I would leave the safe confines of south east Louisiana. But, Patti Berner and I did. When we decided that we wanted to spend as much time as possible in the cow county of Palmetto Bluff, we set out to secure two things of the utmost importance. 

First was a first-class Architect. Second, and of the utmost importance, was a custom-built home. Choosing an Architect was pretty easy. Choosing our Builder was more intense. We met with four or five good companies, and were very impressed, but then we met Richard Best, and there was never a doubt who would build our home. 

Please accept our sincere gratitude for the beautiful home we hope to enjoy for years to come. We are truly grateful to have had the opportunity to work with everyone at Richard Best Custom Homes. As remote clients, the entire process was a pleasure. As newcomers to the home construction process, we were first incredibly impressed with the well­ organized, detailed budget and plans put before us. As the process continued, we greatly appreciated the opportunity to walk through our home during the many different phases of construction and being given the opportunity to ask questions and provide input. Each visit was more exciting than the one before. Additionally, we looked forward to the weekly photos and written updates that were provided on an extremely timely basis all the while staying within our original budget.... and any deviation was due to our decision to make upgrades along the way. 

Richard, his staff, and everyone involved with the building of our home were extremely helpful, professional, and patient. Their incredible craftsmanship, knowledge and attention to detail both on and off the job site exceeded our expectations and we would highly recommend them to anyone about to embark on this journey. 

Thank you to everyone involved with Richard Best Custom Homes for a wonderful home that we are excited to share with our family and friends. 

Charlie and Marisa Cameron 

It is rare in today’s world that we have the privilege of working with a firm with as much honesty and integrity as Richard Best Custom Homes. 

You just completed our new home here on Palmetto Bluff on time and on budget. From your personal guidance in obtaining our initial building permits, to planning the time lines, then professionally executing our project management, I am pleased to say that the Richard Best Team exceeded our expectations. 

This is the third custom home we have built, and this project was our best experience to date. Richard Best is the only builder we would ever consider building with again. 

Thank you for our beautiful home. 


It has been a year now since we finished our project and with the passing of that milestone I want to take a moment to thank you again for building us such a wonderful home.  Sharon and I treasure it. I never thought I would look back on a home building project and say that it was pleasant, let alone that I actually enjoyed it, but I certainly did working with you.

You have put together a team of consummate professionals.  What I truly appreciated was the collaborative effort with my ideas, your guidance and fiscal sense, and the craftsmanship that all came together to help create this beautiful house.  Everywhere I look I see a small touch here or another element there that might go unnoticed by itself but cumulatively create the finesse home that we have ever owned.  The three Aurora awards that you and Wayne Windham have received on the home help to bear out what I knew early on: this is an amazing house.

The passage of time also gives me a chance to thank you for your tremendous sense of responsibility to follow up on any issues that have arisen since the house was completed.  Although having the house part of the rental program at the Inn is an honor, the house has seen more than its fair share of use (and abuse) over the past year.  You and your team have been quick to respond whenever something has come up, and even when it was not a warranty item, per se, your tackling everything quickly but correctly has allowed us to keep the house consistently rented with no one the wiser that something had been amiss.

Above all, I have come to appreciate what a great partner I have in you personally and your firm.  While we have been involved in many projects, we have never had the trust or relationship in a builder that we do with you, and that is a testimony to your personal integrity and professional standards that sets the tone for everyone involved in your projects.

So, thank you, for building us a home that we will enjoy for years to come, and for building not just that home but a friendship that shall endure.

We highly recommend Richard Best and his team. We live in Ireland and RBCH built our vacation home in Palmetto Bluff. 

When we were selecting a builder, we had 3 essential requirements: 

  1. i) workmanship of the highest quality; 
  2. ii) someone who we knew we could rely on and trust - this was particularly important as we live overseas and would not be in a position to oversee the construction;
  3. iii) full transparency around the costs, with no unexpected overruns.

Richard Best and his team more than met our expectations under each of those headings. 

From day one, when we met Richard we had a good feeling. It was clear that he took pride in his work and reputation and we knew he would be easy to work with. During the build, the attention to detail and quality of construction was outstanding. There was full consultation around any decisions that had to be made. However, for the most part, because of the detailed planning upfront, we were just able to let Richard and his team get on with it. 

Living overseas, our opportunities to meet Richard in person were limited. We met once at the planning stage, once for a walk through of the house when it was half way through construction, and again on completion. During the intervening periods, we had no concerns leaving everything in RBCH's and the architect's safe hands. Most helpful and reassuring was that every weekend, without exception, Richard would send a brief email detailing work performed that week, photos of the work completed, and a brief summary of the work plan for the following week. It was great to be able to see the house take shape from a distance. Throughout the process we corresponded for the most part by email and by phone only where necessary. It couldn't have gone any smoother. 

Finally, from the beginning and all the way through construction, Richard provided fully transparent and detailed analysis of the budgeted and actual costs. The project was delivered on budget - the only extras were where we changed our mind on some of the specifications. 

Richard and all of his team were a pleasure to deal with. We absolutely love the house and look forward to spending many years enjoying it.

Living across country, the selection of a builder team for our new home was of particular importance to us – we needed to be able to believe in the people and the process. Essentially, we needed somebody we could trust. We spoke with a good number of folks in Palmetto Bluff who had gone through the build process, including many of Richard’s prior clients. No matter who we spoke with, the result always seemed to be the same; “There are a lot of good builders in Palmetto Bluff, but Richard builds a great house and you can always trust him to do the right thing.”

Still, we had nagging concerns – Richard was already very busy with a good number of other homes. Were they too busy? Would he and his team be able to properly focus on our project? On us? Aside from promising us a great house, Richard promised us access, communication, and transparency. Richard won our trust. The key for us was not only his reputation for building a very high-quality home, but also the opportunity to work with a remarkable team and his ability to offer a very thoughtful and open build process.

Throughout, Richard always made himself available, whether to answer a question, offer advice, or simply “hold the hand” of an anxious client. And, yes, there were many such calls. He took every one.

As good as Richard is, however, Richard’s team at RBCH is truly remarkable: Wayne, John, Shelby, Butch. Everyone. Great people; talented people. Always on top of things, passionate, responsive, and very professional. A joy and a privilege to work with. We had tremendous fun.

For us, we could not imagine a better experience or a better result. Richard and his team were everything we had hoped for; honorable, forthright, sincere, and simply great builders. We always felt that we were in the best possible hands.

Thank you, again, Richard and RBCH. We love our new home.

As you know, my husband, Paul and I fell in love with Palmetto Bluff. We knew the moment we drove on to property that this was the place for us, we now just had to find the right lot, building architect, landscape architect, designer, and most important -- the right builder! 

So we started our research and met with a number of folks to settle in on you and your team. I must say that your namesake "Best" does not disappoint! You and your team have been wonderful to work with to create our dream carriage house and eventually full time residence. 

Taking ownership of our carriage house last month has been the first step to our life at the Bluff. We dreaded constructing a custom home from afar, my husband is as OCD as they come; however, you and your team (little Blake, Bandi, Wayne and others) gave us great advice, gave us accurate estimates (important in the building field!), and weekly updates on the status of our construction. 

Your team has the building process down to a science and actually listen to what the homeowner wants and needs are. Your team spent time with us at every stage of the process and had us as involved (or not) as we desired. 

The quality of workmanship, workers, and can do attitude of the organization makes the difference and we cannot say enough positive things or accolades to describe our satisfaction with Richard Best Custom Homes, LLC

While we thought we would not be in any hurry to start construction on the main house, after seeing what your team did for us on the carriage house - the attention to detail was beyond our expectations - we are excited about the thought of getting the main house started. 

The bottom line is if you are looking for the best on the bluff to build your dream home - look no further - Richard Best Customs Homes gets our vote! 

Please send our sincere thanks for the work on our project, and we wish you and you team nothing but the best in 2017. 

The house is beautiful. From the beginning, you were the best in taking our wants and translating them into comfortable living space. Your knowledge of what can be done, especially in the luxury style house, is phenomenal. Better yet, you were able to stay within original budge except where we instructed you to upgrade our original design.

When we were interviewing other builders, we were concerned. Some of them were very large and we was never sure with whom we were speaking, while others wanted our business on their terms. Our main contact with Richard Best Custom Homes was Richard Best and it remained that way all through the construction process. You always gave us the opportunity to cut costs, but you also recommended what you thought the best course of action. The end product shows your efforts.

Both Nancy and I are grateful you made the construction process easy for us. We will gladly offer to speak with any of your prospective clients and honestly relate our experience with you and your firm.

We are two satisfied new home owners who, Thank You!

Richard, Betty and I wanted to express our sincere thanks to you and your entire team for the wonderful job that you did in building our home here in Palmetto Bluff. 

Now that we are settled and have begun to take advantage of the many social events here one of the first questions that always comes up is "Who was your builder"? We always can answer with pride RBCH. Often people are surprised when I tell them that you were the only builder we met with. It was an easy choice after meeting with you several times and seeing the quality product that you are building. We developed a level of trust with you, your approach and the high standards that you hold yourself and your team to.

Like many residents we were not able to be here during the entire build process. We never felt like we didn't understand exactly what was going on with all aspects of the build from construction, to timing, to costs. Your weekly updates and associated pictures gave us a real sense of comfort. When we did make our site visits everything was organized as to what decisions needed to be made and you were always responsive to any questions or request we may have had. 

Your team from our superintendent, project coordinator, accounting and overall project management were always professional, responsive and most important solution oriented. 

For us the entire process was an enjoyable experience which is a testament to the RBCH team. Please feel free to use us as a reference with future clients anytime. 


Lee & Betty Gargis

As I sit here admiring my new home, I simply wanted to take a minute to thank you and everyone over there for creating this wonderful house. I cannot tell you how grateful we were to build with someone of your integrity and knowledge.

Living on the other side of the country, you truly have to put your trust in a builder and hope for the best. Quickly, though, we realized this trust was well founded, as your suggestions and solutions always improved the home while being ever mindful of the bottom line. Your weekly picture and even more frequent communications made us feel more connected to this construction than we have on any of our other homes. It also gave us the chance to watch in time-lapse splendor as the home took shape and exceeded our every expectation.

The finish quality is tremendous and I cannot compliment enough the true craftsmen and artisans that your brought in. Everyone was a consummate professional and master at their trade. I always enjoyed walkthroughs and just random visits to the site, as it gave me an opportunity to meet them and watch them work.

You have built more than just a home for my family: you have built an endearing and enduring friendship with all of us.

We want you to know how pleased we are with our new home in Palmetto Bluff. You and everyone at RBCH that we worked with, made the process very professional, transparent and stress free. RBCH truly exceeded our highest expectations. We look forward to spending as much time as possible in the Low Country enjoying our beautiful new home.

We would like to take this opportunity to share our experiences, and reasons why we chose Richard Best Custom Homes as our builders. Initially we met with several builders within Palmetto Bluff and decided that Richard was the best fit for our building expectations. From the beginning, our experience was meticulously planned out by Richard with details showing our costs, sub-contractors, allowances, and time schedules. Richard suggested we look at some of his other houses within Palmetto Bluff just to get a general idea of our desired floorplan. That was a HUGE help to us as it was so much easier to work from something existing vs a blueprint drawing. Wayne Windham, our architect, was so great at taking the existing floorplan we chose and making it work with our changes. As a team, they followed our thoughts and understood our ideas perfectly. The process from start to finish was very easy and stress free, and there was never a day that we doubted our decision. We are so happy with how our house turned out – it is EXACTLY what we were hoping for and more. We were almost sad to be done. Even though we know you had other projects going on, we always felt like we were your most important priority. We can't say enough about the job you did.

Blake our onsite construction manager was so attentive and made frequent visit several times a day to make sure everything was running as planned. He kept the sub-contractors on task and made sure we were advised of any changes. He also made sure that we had pictures of the progress of our home emailed weekly. This was greatly appreciated as we live in GA and were only able to be onsite once a month.  Brandi, our project manager, was a master of resourcefulness at keeping everyone on task and on time.  She made sure to keep us updated about any selections or vendors we needed to meet with and scheduled each meeting time perfectly to accommodate our monthly visits to the house. Knowing now how many decisions needed to be made for building a custom home, I honestly don’t know how she kept it all together, but she was a blessing for sure. Shelley Wilkins, of S. Wilkins Interior Design, provided expertise in color, design, and willingness to walk us through the sea of options. She made everything come together and exceeded our expectations. Every suggestion along the way led us to a more efficient or better design in the end. RBCH recommended the VERY BEST from all subcontractors and we were so pleased with the professional service and quality installations from each one of them. As a team, they constantly pushed for quality and productivity; they are highly skilled and were so accommodating throughout the entire process.

We would recommend RBCH to our friends and family, or anyone who asks about our building process. You were on time and on budget, and always there for us. Our expectations were met or exceeded every step of the way! We know that to accomplish what you did for us requires extra hard work and many sacrifices and we are forever grateful for everyone on your team who helped make our dream home a reality. From beginning to end the project was seamless, thank you for a  job well done!  

Building a new home while living in an entirely different country naturally seemed like a daunting task and one fraught with danger. Upon meeting with the team at RBCH we were immediately put at ease with the clear and rigorous approach they presented. Costing, process and timeline were all made transparent and it was clear we'd have direct lines of communication with a project manager and Richard himself if needed. 

During the build, without fail, we were sent weekly updates listing tasks completed, upcoming tasks and much­welcome photos of the progress being made. 

Any deviation from the initial estimate (good or bad) was immediately communicated along with clear rationale for the change. Overall we were delighted with the adherence to both estimated cost and timeline. 

Adding to the complexity of our situation, we had engaged a local design firm to guide the interiors and furnishings. It was admirable how well RBCH collaborated with our designers to get the job done, while requiring a minimal amount of input from us. 

Finally, upon being able to experience our wonderful new home, we were pleasantly surprised at how small our punchlist of required changes/fixes compiled down to. RBCH have been prompt, professional and sensitive to our living space while addressing all items. 

We would not hesitate to recommend RBCH as we have been able to experience first­hand not only the quality of what they do, but how they do it. Building a dream home for remote clients is no mean feat! 

Best wishes, G&E King Melbourne, Australia

Under the best of conditions building a custom home is a stressful event. However, doing business with Richard Best and his team was about as stress free as it gets. It started with his creative ‘thinking out of the box’ building plan to minimize cost without sacrificing quality. This was of the utmost importance to us. The budget was adhered to with no hidden cost of unexpected cost overruns. Cost for change orders, which can be messy, were clearly defined and included in the monthly draw request.

Richard’s hands-on approach included weekly walkthroughs with me throughout the entire building process and insured that there were ‘no surprises.’ Upon completion of the home Richard and his team dealt with the punch list in the same manner that he built the house…efficiently.

We have been in our new home for about eight months. We have had several issues come up as with any new home. They have been handled promptly with Richard always calling to make sure things were done to our satisfaction.

Richard taking personal ownership of the building of our new home made the experience a pleasant one. You can’t ask for anymore than that. We would give an unqualified recommendation of Richard Best Custom Homes to anyone considering building a home in Palmetto Bluff! It’s the “Best” way to go!

As our journey together is nearing the end, Marilyn and I want to send a note of appreciation to you. We recognized that building a custom house would always entail some ups and downs. However, you and your people’s attention to our needs and concerns smoothed the process and made the journey a pleasant one.

Your personal involvement in the original price proposal ensured we always had a basis for resolving cost-related issues. Your reputation for honesty and integrity are well deserved. Your cast of sub-contractors also deserves special mention. Marilyn and I both appreciated the attention they gave our requests and their desire to help us achieve our goals. We especially (and pleasantly) recall our interaction with the framers, electricians, painters, and trimmers. Lastly, you kept the communication channels open, and I was impressed with everyone's overall organization. I am available should any future clients want to discuss our experience first-hand.

Lastly, you kept the communication channels open and I was impressed with everyone’s overall organization. I am available should any future clients want to discuss our experience first hand.

As a resident of Chicago, we had concerns about building a second home at Palmetto Bluff without the luxury of direct involvement in the entire construction process as we had during the building of our primary residence.

From the beginning, your team was terrific to work with. What impressed us the most was the attention to detail and finishes throughout the entire house. They were very accommodating in allowing changes during the building process and were always very fair in their pricing for upgrades and revisions.

Problems or concerns were addressed immediately and corrected until we were completely satisfied. We are thrilled with the end result and would highly recommend Richard Best to anyone considering building in the area.

After Phyllis and I interviewed prospective builders for our new home in Palmetto Bluff, you were an easy choice for us. We thought you would give us personal attention, hands on and with a keen eye for project management. We believed you understood our financial needs and appeared dedicated to a quality product. All of these attributes were very important to us especially since our distance from Palmetto Bluff would mean we would be overseeing this project remotely; we could not be on site with any regularity or frequency. You exceeded our expectations.

To the Richard Best Team: 

Purchasing our South Wilson Lot in 2006, we knew Palmetto Bluff was the special place for long range plans. Through the years of pre­construction, we embraced PB’s history; both it’s success and concerns. 

When it came to finally confronting the many complex decisions relative to design, construction and selections for our home, the challenges commenced. Making the decision to work and contract with Richard Best Custom Homes proved to transform concern into success. The team Richard has assembled, and his personal commitment to exceeding expectations, leaves him with no peers. 

The issue with custom homes is that they are indeed “custom”; there is no history or standard experiences. Richard Best took a complex process and transformed it into one we understood and appreciated. We have been in our home for one year, and our experience with RBCH could not be more positive. Combining quality, with care and responsiveness, defines how Richard runs his business. We are one of his most satisfied references. 

Tom & Cindy Reiman 

Building our Home at Palmetto Bluff with RBCH was a pleasure. 

We can't say enough positive comments regarding Richard Best and his team, from Richard, his office staff and onsite managers. They made for a seamless building experience from pre-construction to completion. 

Our first meeting was prior to our architectural plans being completed. Richard was very transparent about his building process and what we should expect. At the meeting we discussed our building goals and budget. He was very mindful of our budget and always had helpful suggestions for staying within it. 

At the last pre-construction meeting, Richard gave us an itemized cost of construction and a building time line along with other detailed information from the framing, interior, exterior to completion. He was always upfront about what would work and how long it would take. 

He is a “hands on” builder along with his team. We were amazed at the “face to face” and onsite meetings we had with him personally at both his request and ours. So many of our questions were answered and details confirmed during these meetings. 

Building from long distance (Indiana) was not a problem. Richard and his team communicated via phone calls, text messages, and emails. We never felt that the distance affected the construction process or communication. We consistently received a weekly email update with photos from Richard. The email covered work that had been completed along with a list of work items to be started the following week. 

Richard and his team always made sure we understood each step of the construction process. Our entire experience with RBCH has been positive and successful. Their attention to detail and expectations were spectacular. 

We are happily in our home at Palmetto Bluff and still in communcation with everyone at RBCH.

After 27 years of marriage and sending two children off to college, my wife and I decided it was time to build our first house. Did I mention that the house we're planning on building is 800 miles away from New Jersey? I've learned in business that you need to surround yourself with a good team that you trust and will work together to produce the best results so that's the approach that we took when we decided to build a home in Palmetto Bluff.

Finding the lot and architect was the easy part, but finding a builder who would build our Dream House was the important decision so we made it a point to interview several builders. The first builder we met came recommended by several people in the community with a universal thumbs up. Richard Best Custom Homes. We met Richard and had a very enlightened meeting discussing not only the building process but Richard also took a personal approach trying to get to know us better. It would have been easy to say after that meeting that Richard would be our guy but we owed it to ourselves to spend the time to meet with a few other builders.

After each meeting with the others, my wife and I would look at each other and say "nice, but not Richard". We knew absolutely nothing about building a home but was told many times by our friends that it would be a daunting, emotional project that will take years off your life and cost you additional dollars that you never counted on. Really? All the more reason to surround o with a strong team that would be willing to hold our hands during the building process.

As you may have guessed, we went with Richard and crew knowing that they would make living 800 miles away feel more like being only a block away during the construction. We walked with Richard through several of his homes that featured different trim levels and finishes. As a result, my wife and I knew exactly the type of home we wanted, finishes that were important to us and trim levels that would make the home special, Richard had his marching orders and prepared a very detailed estimate that accounted for every nickel of the project and I remember asking him if this was the REAL number, and he very confidently replied yes.

As construction was getting ready to commence, Richard introduced us to Mike Rollins, our Project Manager. Mike was the difference for us. A very detailed person who took ownership of this house and built it like it was his own. His communication skills were exceptional and his ability to make things happen on time and on budget were exceptional. What provided us with comfort during the building process being so far away was Richard's Sunday Update. Every Sunday my wife and I would look forward to that afternoon email from Richard.

Each week we received a detailed report on what work was completed that particular week as well as a list of items that would be done in the coming week. As much we enjoyed Richard's notes, it was the pictures that made us most excited, seeing the progress and having the excitement build with each month was awesome.

Between the updates and our monthly visits, we had wall to wall coverage from RBCH. We've been in our new home for several months now and have adjusted well to Low Country life. Our home has exceeded all our expectations and everyday we find ourselves asking is this really our house.

Everything about this house is perfect and we're so proud to say that Richard Best Custom Homes built our dream home and we have Richard Best as a friend and great teammate. 

Jeffrey and Stephanie Schreider

We recently built a custom house at Palmetto Bluff and while the experience was not bad we chose your firm for our new home and what a difference. All of your staff has been quite helpful and professional and very available when we needed them. The quality of the work has been excellent.

All and all a success and whats more the dogs love their new house!

Dick Schultze 

I wanted to send a quick note expressing how much Julie and I truly enjoyed our building experience with RBCH. We have built a number of homes over the years and this has been the best run, highest quality, no hassle experience to date. Perhaps the most amazing part was the fact that we did this largely remote! With Chris and and Wayne running the day to day logistics, it made managing all the key decisions easy and kept us on track throughout the whole build. You have a very competent, high character team – we very much appreciate how much everyone went above and beyond to make this a great building experience.

We love this home!

Dear RBCH team

I feel compelled to write you to thank Richard and the entire RBCH team for doing a fantastic job building our PB home. 

As you may remember Meredith and 1-determined to perform our due diligence and make as an informed decision as possible-interviewed several builders. RBCH was the first. Immediately after our meeting with Richard our collective "gut" told us Richard/RBCH was the way to go. Despite our feelings we stayed on plan and trudged through several more builder interviews. As you might suspect, every builder claimed to have superior people, processes and final product. 

After a couple months passed Meredith and I were anxious to get the building process started. We decided to take a long weekend and return to PB from our home in Greenville with the intent of making a final builder decision. We rented a home in the village. That Friday evening we were sitting on the front porch discussing builder selection. We called Richard to see if he was available to meet over the weekend or the next Monday. Richard picked up the phone right away and said he was headed home for the evening but would be glad to turn around and come meet with us. Richard arrived 20 minutes or so later. After a few minutes discussing exactly what we wanted Meredith and Richard sketched out a floor plan on a piece of paper. Early the next week Richard took our plan to an architect and within 2 weeks we had a plan, as well as, a construction contract in hand. 

Richard, John, Wayne and the RBCH team made the building process a pleasure. As our project advanced your timely weekly updates including the previous week's progress, digital images of the progress, a list of decisions to make, budgetary updates and so forth made our perceived negative notion of managing the building process from Greenville a non-issue. It was just like being there. 

Our home, completed on budget and handed over to us a week ahead of the projected schedule, is everything we had envisioned. In the end, as is most often the case, our "gut" feeling was the right choice. Feel free to use us as a reference whenever the occasion arises. 

Thank you for a job well done! See you around the Bluff. 

Best regards, 

Jack Steenhausen

It has been a pleasure to work with Richard and his marvelous team. Building a home can be a scary proposition, but not with Richard. His competence, attention to detail, and timely communications made building our home here in Moreland a pleasure. Richard was always available to answer questions and participate in making important decisions, and his well trained team lead the way in making sure our home was built to the highest standards. His years of experience in the home building field is so apparent in the way he builds, manages, and responds to his clients."

Marty and Martha Strauss 


Patty and I wanted to make sure we expressed our appreciation for all the work you did in creating such a wonderful home for us in Palmetto Bluff. There is not a single change we would make to the finished product (although you supported us as we made several along the way). The willingness of the team to work with us to achieve this outcome was amazing.

When we purchased our lot and signed the construction papers in 2010, we had no idea that Patty would soon suffer a heart attack and be unable to travel. She is doing great now but during those difficult times, your team removed any stress we might have faced from building a second home 1000 miles from where we live. It was amazing that you all were so available to us during the project.

Our original plan was to be onsite for a number of visits and inspections, but the detailed weekly updates and pictures made that unnecessary. Those updates were forwarded to an ever-increasing distribution list of family and friends following the progress.

We were particularly pleased with the team’s willingness to work with our interior designer in making choices and driving the project forward. RBCH is clearly focused on achieving an incredible outcome and we love the results of those efforts. The reactions of our visitors to the craftsmanship and details of the house fill us with pride.

The focus on quality and on achieving our vision as homeowners makes RBCH a great partner in the process. Any questions or issues (or last-minute changes by homeowners) were handled with a welcoming attitude that made this a very pleasant experience.

If we ever build another home in this area (or anywhere RBCH does business), RBCH will absolutely be the builders we choose to make it happen.

Just a little note to say how fortunate we have been to have you and your wonderful team build our beautiful house on Gallavant Road here in Palmetto Bluff.

It seems inconceivable that it was just about this time a year ago that we bought our property, met you, looked at your fine work in the Village and said let’s get started…and lo and behold, in less than 9 months we were completely moved in, mowing the lawn and not a single line item left unattended…A joy indeed!

I must say, being an Architect and having designed and built hundreds of wonderful houses and estates on Nantucket Island, Jupiter Island and Palm Beach, Florida, this has been one of the smoothest and well-run projects we have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.

The old saying, “On Time and On Budget” certainly is no cliché in building our house. You, your Office Manager Wayne McGowan, our Job Supervisor Chris White, and all your wonderful Subs made it happen for us and we are forever grateful.

In closing, don’t hesitate in using our names as a Reference, and the house is always available to show off your fine work.

We highly recommend Richard Best Custom Homes. We had the pleasure of having Richard build our new home. He and his staff were always available and quick to respond to any questions or requests. They were professional in all our dealings and produced quality work on time and on budget. The weekly reports and pictures were so welcome when we were away.

Our architect frequently commented on the ease in dealing with everyone and the quality.

In short, Richard and his crew made what could have been a very stressful experience a pleasure and we are most happy to give this letter of recommendation.

Come On In and Stay Awhile