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A Tailored Approach

Step One

Goals & Architecture

We begin by working with the owners to determine what their ideal interior floor plan would capture – how many bedrooms and bathrooms, open versus closed design, flow of rooms, square footage, etc. We then pull together existing plans from a variety of architects that share some of the same or similar characteristics for the homeowner to review. During subsequent discussions with Richard, they are able to identify the parts of various plans that capture what the clients envision for their homes. By then partnering with a skilled architect—most often the one from whom the majority of the key items arose, as typically there is a reason that the firm’s designs resonated with the client so much--the team can transform these varied pieces into the perfect home for our client. Rather than starting with a blank piece of paper, this approach jumpstarts the design process, saving time, money, and frustration. 
Step Two

Planning & Pricing

There are many ways to address the exterior to achieve a particular look, which is why the process begins with how a client wants to LIVE in it. However, with the interior floor plan in hand, we then work with the client and architect to identify the desired aesthetic for the home. Once that is in place, we help shepherd the plan design through the Palmetto Bluff Review Board, bringing in other consultants to answer questions or resolve any issues, if necessary. The result is an approved home design that meets the owner’s dream and complies with Palmetto Bluff’s guidelines.

Along the way, we will introduce the homeowner to one of the interior designers we work with regularly. The designer will learn about the owner’s tastes and budget and use that knowledge to select a few finish options for items such as floor tile, plumbing fixtures, lighting, etc., for the owner to review. The owner is then able to choose from the designer’s curated selections. This approach not only saves the clients several days’ worth of individual vendor meetings, but it also ensures they can stay in budget by selecting from this defined group during a single meeting while still achieving a personalized finish to their home.

Step Three

Building Your Dream Home

The team is not done, though. Each home is unique and offers its own opportunities to optimize for the clients. After so much time working through the process above, Richard and the designer will have a good “feel” for their tastes and needs. They will perform the same walkthroughs as they would for a traditional custom home client and then reach out with any ideas that might arise. There is simply no substitute for standing in a space and being inspired by it, and RBCH wants to utilize these opportunities to tailor the home further to meet the clients’ expectations.

With the plan development and interior design essentially in place (save for any walkthrough items described above), the superintendent responsible for building the home can now focus solely on trade sequencing and quality control efforts, resulting in a home built on time and on budget. They will work with the same trades and vendors as any other RBCH home. In that regard, there is no distinction between a “tailored” or “true custom” experience. Richard will also send the same weekly picture updates, keeping clients abreast of the work accomplished and forecasting the goals for the coming week. The process of the tailored home may be simpler, but Richard’s dedication to his clients never changes.