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Our Process

Simplifying the complexities of building a dream home.

Richard has dedicated his career to perfecting a unique, client-centric system that addresses two key challenges he has seen time and again in the home building process.

First, even under the best circumstances, creating a custom home is daunting, and most prospective custom home buyers don’t know where or how to begin. Richard and his team adeptly bring about stellar outcomes by carefully guiding clients through the whole process with architects, design review boards, and trades.

Second, far too many of Richard’s prospective clients shared stories of heartbreak upon receiving bids from contractors that far surpassed their expected costs. To control costs, the RBCH team partners with clients and works closely with architects to find ways to maximize the owners’ investment in the home.  By sharing costs early and being involved in the process throughout, Richard can ensure that the resulting design is a home the clients love at a cost they are comfortable with.

By actively listening and being a true partner to his clients, Richard and his team make the experience of building your dream home as simple, rewarding, and hassle-free as possible. They have even taken a further step to ensure that clients can be as involved in the process to the level that they want while still maintaining the quality they deserve.

Richard built his reputation with a customer-focused, true custom home experience whereby clients are intimately involved in the home design, selections, and walkthroughs. That detailed process lies at the heart of the vast majority of the homes RBCH builds today.

Two Distinct Approaches

Over the years, Richard spoke with many prospective clients for whom such a time-intensive approach was impractical. From those discussions, Richard created a tailored approach to homebuilding that ensures the same level of quality and personalized selections without the necessary time investment that a traditional custom home project requires.