46 Wharf Street
Bluffton, SC29910

I must say, being an Architect and having designed and built hundreds of wonderful houses and estates on Nantucket Island, Jupiter Island and Palm Beach, Florida, this has been one of the smoothest and well run projects we have ever had the pleasure of being involved with.Gwynne & Frances Thorsen

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Stanley & Cindy Dennis, Newport Beach, California

Living across country, the selection of a builder team for our new home was of particular importance to us – we needed to be able to believe in the people and the process. Essentially, we needed somebody we could trust. We spoke with a good number of folks in Palmetto Bluff who had gone through the build process, including many of Richard’s prior clients. No matter who we spoke with, the result always seemed to be the same; “There are a lot of good builders in Palmetto Bluff, but Richard builds a great house and you can always trust him to do the right thing.”

Still, we had nagging concerns – Richard was already very busy with a good number of other homes. Were they too busy? Would he and his team be able to properly focus on our project? On us? Aside from promising us a great house, Richard promised us access, communication, and transparency. Richard won our trust. The key for us was not only his reputation for building a very high quality home, but also the opportunity to work with a remarkable team and his ability to offer a very thoughtful and open build process.

Throughout, Richard always made himself available, whether to answer a question, offer advice, or simply “hold the hand” of an anxious client. And, yes, there were many such calls. He took every one.
As good as Richard is, however, Richard’s team at RBCH is truly remarkable: Wayne, John, Shelby, Butch. Everyone. Great people; talented people. Always on top of things, passionate, responsive, and very professional. A joy and a privilege to work with. We had tremendous fun.

For us, we could not imagine a better experience or a better result. Richard and his team were everything we had hoped for; honorable, forthright, sincere, and simply great builders. We always felt that we were in the best possible hands.
Thank you, again, Richard and RBCH. We love our new home.

Stanley & Cindy Dennis
Newport Beach, California