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We have built a number of homes over the years and this has been the best run, highest quality, no hassle experience to date.Bill & Julie Sheley

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Richard Best Custom Homes Newsletter Vol 4, Fall 2015

As the temperature cools and the leaves begin to change, construction heats back up this time of year. After pushing through the 100 degree days of summer and seemingly daily rainstorms, everyone has a renewed spring in their step.

For this installment of the newsletter, I wanted to focus on likely the biggest internal change within the RBCH process in the past few years—at least, from a clients’ point of view—and that is the addition of dedicated Selections Coordinators tasked solely with assisting homeowners with their interactions with the vendors. That’s not to say we did not do our best to help with our earlier clients—far from it! We have always strived to put clients above all else, and many are probably saying right now that they always felt that we had such a position when Wayne was here by himself. But at the time, he was also doing accounting, assisting me with estimating and other paperwork tasks that would also require attention.

Starting last year, we created the position of Selections Coordinator to provide a dedicated staff member focused solely on the clients’ needs. They facilitate getting quotes and sharing questions with the vendors while also keeping an eye on deadlines to ensure that nothing ever takes homeowners by surprise. This ensures the smooth flow of the entire project and that at no point does an Owner feel overwhelmed by the process. We then partnered each Coordinator with Superintendents to create teams to improve synergy between the Field and the Office. The teams meet here in the Office with Ross and Chris every other week to discuss each job and make sure that decisions and needs are always well understood by everyone involved.

In between the meetings, the Coordinators are also tasked with maintaining our cloud-based virtual job notebook that logs all communication, approved selections and maintains the latest iterations of all plans and documents. This ensures that everyone from myself to the assistant supers in the field always have the most current information at their disposal. We are even working to integrate the selection and construction schedules into a single living document that will allow us to take advantage of early progress on jobs. This will allow us to move the selection timetables forward, giving us the opportunity to hand the homes over ahead of schedule. The Selections Coordinators are pivotal in the success of this.

The inclusion of the Selections Coordinator has truly streamlined the whole construction process for us, as it has enhanced the free flow of communication with the Clients and thus ensured that—at the end of the day—the homes we build are exactly what the Owners want, which is what we strive for on every job.

On that note, allow me a brief aside to simply thank everyone once again for your support within the Bluff. Just this past weekend, I received a phone call from a gentleman who had bid his home with several other contractors, but after chance meetings with several of our clients who gave strong recommendations, he felt compelled to reach out to speak with us and get our pricing before making a decision. This is not the only time this has happened and each time I am overwhelmed by the great support that we continue to receive from all of you. It truly reassures me each time that the decision to focus only in Palmetto Bluff and to focus on building our relationships with our clients while also building their homes was the correct one. I am very proud of the fact that nearly 70% of our work in Palmetto Bluff comes from Owner referrals, and I greatly appreciate everyone’s time and willingness to assist us in our efforts in Palmetto Bluff.

Enjoy this wonderful time of year, and I look forward to seeing everyone around the Bluff.

All the Best.



The Richard Best Custom Homes “Back Office”

Erin Daniels
Erin joined the RBCH team in the summer of 2013.  She is a graduate of Georgia Southern University with a Bachelors degree in Public Relations.  Although she is fairly new to construction, I have been impressed at how quickly she has picked up on the construction process.  Her work ethic, friendliness, and willingness to go the extra mile are some of the reasons that Erin has been able to excel at her job.  I have been impressed by the many compliments that homeowners have given me about Erin.

In her spare time, Erin assists with wedding coordination in the Savannah area.  She is an active member of Savannah Christian Church and spends as much of her free time as possible with her family and her dog, Zoey.


Rachel Kennah
Rachel joined our team in March of 2014.  Originally from Cleveland, Ohio, she has more than 15 years experience in corporate account management and in real estate property management.  She graduated from Hiram College with a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and English.  Her experience, attention to detail and outgoing personality enabled her to transition smoothly into the selections coordinator position.

Rachel loves living in downtown Savannah with her dog, Duncan and cat, PJ. She is an outdoor enthusiast.  She is currently learning to climb and rappel, but also enjoys hiking, running and taking classes in Krav Maga.