46 Wharf Street
Bluffton, SC29910

We have built a number of homes over the years and this has been the best run, highest quality, no hassle experience to date.Bill & Julie Sheley

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Paul J. Fisher & Nancy K.Waterhouse-Fisher

The house is beautiful. From the beginning, you were the best in taking our wants and translating them into comfortable living space. Your knowledge of what can be done, especially in the luxury style house, is phenomenal. Better yet, you were able to stay within original budge except where we instructed you to upgrade our original design.

When we were interviewing other builders, we were concerned. Some of them were very large and we was never sure with whom we were speaking, while others wanted our business on their terms. Our main contact with Richard Best Custom Homes was Richard Best and it remained that way all through the construction process. You always gave us the opportunity to cut costs, but you also recommended what you thought the best course of action. The end product shows your efforts.

Both Nancy and I are grateful you made the construction process easy for us. We will gladly offer to speak with any of your prospective clients and honestly relate our experience with you and your firm.

We are two satisfied new home owners who, Thank You!
Paul J. Fisher & Nancy K.Waterhouse-Fisher