46 Wharf Street
Bluffton, SC29910

Above all, I have come to appreciate what a great partner I have in you personally and your firm.  While we have been involved in many projects, we have never had the trust or relationship in a builder that we do with you, and that is a testimony to your personal integrity and professional standards that sets the tone for everyone involved in your projects. - Bill and Sharon ClintonBill and Sharon Clinton

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Happy New Year from RBCH

Happy 2015 Everyone!

I have never been a big “New Year’s Resolution” guy, but this year I made an exception. I resolved to do a better job of reaching out to all of our homeowners—past and present—to let them know what exactly is going on with the firm.

We have been blessed to work with so many wonderful clients over the years, and many of you have been so kind to offer your support even in just casual interactions. Whether it be a passing comment to a neighboring table at the Canoe Club or more in depth conversations with someone you happen upon while walking the site, your support has been invaluable to us. So many of my conversations with prospective clients begin with “I ran into one of your clients the other day and they were singing your praises.” For that I cannot thank all of you enough.

Unfortunately, during the past month at various holiday parties and chance encounters, I have had discussions with some of you that made me realize how much misinformation is out there and how little I had done to counteract that. I am sorry about that. More than anyone, your faith in our firm is responsible for all the success we have enjoyed, and thus I am sorry for not keeping you in the loop.

With all this in mind, allow me to share some key information elements just so you all know exactly what’s going on.

We have 24 projects underway. I do not know whether to be flattered or frightened by some of the numbers shared in the past month. I would be dead and my wife in jail for killing me if we had 35-50, as some have asserted of late. We are also taking great pains to stagger new starts to just a few per quarter in order to maintain a level that I still feel I can personally stay involved with as well as making sure that trades and superintendents are never overwhelmed.

We have 14 employees including myself. Many of you were with us when it was just Chris, John, Wayne and myself building 10-12 houses. We now have 6 superintendents, 1 assistant super and a full-time warranty superintendent who are supported by 5 full-time office personnel and myself. Thus, my staff to project ratio has actually gone significantly down in the past few years, even as more project signs pop up about the Bluff.

I still attend almost all of the walkthroughs. It is something I truly enjoy doing and that which I think helps differentiate our firm from our competition, so I refuse to give that up. Moreover, I am in the Bluff for a portion of almost every day and make it a point to visit every jobsite every week to talk to trades and see things first hand. I am, as always, humbled by the trust that people place in myself and my firm when choosing us as their builder, and strive to make sure everyday that such faith is not misplaced.

While we have encountered some growing pains along the way, we are striving every day to improve processes and learning from our missteps to prevent even the smallest mistakes from happening again. My commitment to Palmetto Bluff in general, and servicing our clients specifically has never waivered and doing so with integrity and a focus on customer service is still the prime concern for our entire firm.

I hope this helps shed some light on what is going on with RBCH. Moving forward, we will continue to send out these newsletters to let you know what all is happening with the firm. We will also use it to profile employees so you have a better idea of who all you are seeing around the Bluff, as well as a vehicle to share useful tips and information about maintaining your home here in the Lowcountry’s marine environment. Initially, this will be a quarterly endeavor, but we may do it more frequently as events warrant.

In parting, let me simply say once more “Thank You”. As I mentioned above, without your faith, trust and assistance throughout these past few years, we would never have achieved this tremendous level of success. I greatly appreciate all that you have done on behalf of myself, my family, my staff and their families. I do hope you will reach out to me personally whenever you do have any questions or concerns.

Happy New Year!