46 Wharf Street
Bluffton, SC29910

From carefully building the budget to tapping top-notch tradesmen and vendors to improving the aesthetics of our plans with ideas of his own, Richard's approach was professional, transparent, and passionate. There were no surprises: The budget was met, our home was completed on time, and the quality we'd hoped for was exceeded by far.Lee & Pam Ullman

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Bill and Sharon Clinton

Dear Richard,

It has been a year now since we finished our project and with the passing of that milestone I want to take a moment to thank you again for building us such a wonderful home.  Sharon and I treasure it. I never thought I would look back on a home building project and say that it was pleasant, let alone that I actually enjoyed it, but I certainly did working with you.

You have put together a team of consummate professionals.  What I truly appreciated was the collaborative effort with my ideas, your guidance and fiscal sense, and the craftsmanship that all came together to help create this beautiful house.  Everywhere I look I see a small touch here or another element there that might go unnoticed by itself but cumulatively create the finesse home that we have ever owned.  The three Aurora awards that you and Wayne Windham have received on the home help to bear out what I knew early on: this is an amazing house.

The passage of time also gives me a chance to thank you for your tremendous sense of responsibility to follow up on any issues that have arisen since the house was completed.  Although having the house part of the rental program at the Inn is an honor, the house has seen more than its fair share of use (and abuse) over the past year.  You and your team have been quick to respond whenever something has come up, and even when it was not a warranty item, per se, your tackling everything quickly but correctly has allowed us to keep the house consistently rented with no one the wiser that something had been amiss.

Above all, I have come to appreciate what a great partner I have in you personally and your firm.  While we have been involved in many projects, we have never had the trust or relationship in a builder that we do with you, and that is a testimony to your personal integrity and professional standards that sets the tone for everyone involved in your projects.

So, thank you, for building us a home that we will enjoy for years to come, and for building not just that home but a friendship that shall endure.

Sincerely yours,

Bill and Sharon Clinton